What We Wear When We are Home

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Sarah G. Schmidt's home

I’ve been home ill with a cold and done something I don’t typically do. I am wearing tights , tonnes of uncoordinated layers with no regard for the look. See dressing with intention is a huge yet simple daily joy of mine. But when I’m under the weather, and I am, I can’t even. This got me thinking about what we wear around the house and what that may say about us.

As mentioned I tend to layer up. Really get them on. The more the merrier. I tend to gravitate towards dressing in my most feel good fabrics: satin, cashmere, brushed cotton, twills and the aforementioned tights. Finish the look – ha not really – with a toque and slippers and I’m officially in my “can’t even” gear. So warm yet so hideous.

What does this say about me? In the privacy of my own home I want to feel warm and luxurious yet frumpy? I have layers #FOMO? I’m at a loss to find more meaning than that. Maybe my head cold is numbing my critical thinking along with my toes?

I know others that when they get home from their day they jump right into their pajamas. Others put on a beloved sports team T shirt and sweats. Others have their lounging gear of cottons or altheletica. A select few wear their work wear until they go to bed. It’s a mixed bag. Just like humans.

Are the meanings wants to go to bed, nostalgic sports nut, comfort is key, and can’t relax, respectively? That seems too easy and a bit shallow.

Taking a step back, maybe there’s no meaning to dig for other than you can be the chill version of yourself at home. Whatever that might be.

I share with clients that compiling your work, evening and special occasion looks is about revealing you best self. It makes sense to me that at home we need to restore the balance. You don’t have think about it. If you’re anything like me home is fair game and no one sees me but my loved ones who are, too, lounging.

But bet you’re bottom dollar that if I step outside I first shed my plethora of layers and put on actual pants.