Santa Sarah's 2014 Holiday Shopping List

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - North Pole

With the holiday season upon us I thought, “Why put together a list of 2014 must haves for every hard–to-purchase-for-person on your list?” Rather, I’ll share my anti shopping list with you. More specifically what should you NOT buy that tricky friend or foe.

For the techie in your circles why not buy him a good old-fashioned journal. Nothing says, “I get you” quite like a heavy, hard cover, 9” x 13” leather bound and lined paper from you to him. He may use his electronic devices exclusively. However you think he should reconnect with pen a paper. Force it. Or at least force a fake thank you smile.

For that car nut who gets joy out of all things automobile, why not let her reconnect with an often forgotten vehicle: the city bus. Get her a few transit ten packs and stuff her stocking. Think of all the fun she'll have learning and navigating firsthand the city routes.

Is your friend is so hipster it’s beyond hip? Let her reconnect with a mainstream consumable brand such as an unnecessary shower gel pack from Bed, Bath and Beyond. She may gush about the organic products she has sourced from the rainforest in Costa Rica but she is really saying she wants a mass produced bath product. A gift as individual as she.

Is your mom begging for an e-reader? Buy her 6 hardcover books instead. May the weight of a few good books weigh on her heart. Mom’s don’t care what they get, right? You’ve been ignoring her for most of your life anyway.

For that fitness buff that is continually telling you about the next great workout, why not buy him de-motivational posters. Let’s balance out his positivity with frowning cats and dreary situations. He’ll appreciate you trying to, “keep it real.”

For that special little girl in your life that is all about princesses and fairy tales why not bring her to reality with a good book on financial planning. Smart Women Finish Rich is appropriate for every eight-year-old girl in your life.

Many have that rambunctious little fella that won’t sit still on their gift list. Why not gift him (and his parents) with a drum set. Put all that seemingly endless energy to rhythmic use.

For the perpetual traveller in your life, why not buy them a DIY home improvement book? They want to flee and you are encouraging them to stay put. Mortgages, renovations and budgeting are just what they want.

And for the person who says she doesn’t need anything, I say call her bluff. Buy her nothing and tell her, “I really listened to you this year.”

For anyone who thought this was good advice I need you to do a few things. First, stop what you are doing. Second get a grip, I was joking. Third, call me and we can have a real conversation about finding the last minute IT gift for your loved one.