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A Prairie Girl In Paris

Some girls dream of wedding days. Other gals dream about a home full of children. Others yet dream of their name on a wall at a fancy office. Some dream of all three or none of that. Right to choose, right? Getting back to it, since I came to know about Paris, this prairie girl dreamed of going there.

Why You Don’t Need to Wear "Biking" Gear

Earlier this spring I bought myself a bicycle. I had wanted one for years but didn’t go for it until this year. After the unnecessary and completely my own fault delay I am the proud owner of a beautiful turquoise blue totally restored vintage CCM bicycle (shout out to @RathBicycle). Not wanting to waste anymore time, I took the advice of Freddie Mercury of Queen and got on my bike and started to ride.

Tate Modern and Shopping in Modern London

Today I had the true pleasure of seeing a complete set, for lack of a better phrase, of Rothko’s dimly lit 1959 Black on Maroon (5 pieces) and Red on Maroon (4 pieces) in the flesh at Tate Modern. As my eyes melted into the 9 canvasses, I asked myself why I connect with these so much? Why Rothko?

Fashion Analysis: Hip Hop Street Dancers

Have you ever heard the expression, “I dress for function, not for fashion?” This often comes out of the mouth of folks who wear a uniform for their profession. Be it health care, athletes or tradespeople, function is paramount. It also comes out of mouths of people who just don’t give a damn. Have you ever thought about function in fashion for dancers?