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Rant: Why No Shirt?

Fair warning fashion friends: I’m about to go off. It’s been a long time coming. Since I was a little girl I asked my mother what will I be? Silly Sarah, that’s a song. While I did sing that song with my mom, that is not this post’s point. Here’s the rub: what’s with the not so random no-shirt-in-public dude?

Is There More to #CropTopTuesday than Teen Angst?

What started as a dress code debate in the Toronto area fuelled a small, yet compelling, revolt worldwide. The same source reports that Halket, the founder and loudest voice, went to her social media channels to encourage supporters to wear a crop top on Tuesday, May 26 to show their distaste for the perceived discrimination. The article states the movement dubbed #CropTopTuesday on social networks and school campuses was born. We now know that male and female students alike sported the midriff baring bandwagon.