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Rant: Why No Shirt?

Fair warning fashion friends: I’m about to go off. It’s been a long time coming. Since I was a little girl I asked my mother what will I be? Silly Sarah, that’s a song. While I did sing that song with my mom, that is not this post’s point. Here’s the rub: what’s with the not so random no-shirt-in-public dude?

A Style Perk of the Calgary Stampede: No Khakis

Another Stampede is upon this great city and among the country bumpkin’ décor, I’ve noticed something. There’s a presence missing in the downtown-working crowd. I’m ready to put out a red-hallelujah-alert. As the parade came through our fine streets last Friday I asked myself: where have all the khaki’s gone? Sweet justice! The offenders have left the city.

"Flawless" and "Perfect" are Over

In the pursuit of the ultimate experience, perfect outfit, or best dressed, I fear we diminish the things in life that can simply just be good. Or the things that truly are fabulous and deserve a celebration. Or at the very least the disregard for the appreciation for individual product recommendations for individual people living individual lives. How can one shoe or shirt possibly be “perfect” for me? The brand or source didn’t ask about my individual taste, my lifestyle or ask me if I truly wanted it. They don’t know me.