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2016 VMAs: Domination of Female Artists

Before we welcome the last official long weekend of summer, eek, it’s time for the annual MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) style review. There’s nothing like a sticky New York City evening to remind you what’s hot about summer and in music. This year's production was similar to past years: messy camera cuts, click-bait promotions, and naked “fashion.” Same, same aside I did however notice a shift. This year was totally dominated by women in entertainment. Giddy up!

Fashion Profile: Miley Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs

I look forward to the MTV VMAs every year as it wraps up the summer and gives us a reason to clean our pallets for the fall. The show is a bit of a free-for-all. It can get messy. It’s so entertaining.  Plus, from a style-watch perspective, no real spoilers here, people tend to dress like assholes. At the VMAs, celebrities dress to be seen, or if they do not, they learn on the tabloids come Monday, that they don’t exist. 

Fashion Profile: How to Stand Out at the VMAs

With the last days of summer upon us it’s time for the annual MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). Award shows are not only a celebration of the year’s best artists and their achievements, but they are also an opportunity to talk about what so-and-so wore. I will say that the VMAs are not so much about the best dressed. Rather, I suggest that it’s more about who is the most memorable.