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My Self-Guided Fashion Tour of Manhattan, NYC

Some girls dream of their wedding day while others plan their future home. Since I was a little girl, I dreamt of visiting, and shopping in, Manhattan. Finally there, I was not going to waste much time. In my less than 72-hour visit, I had dedicated the better part of a day to my favourite past time of shopping. Being the independent spirit I am, and wanting to explore the city for myself, I mapped out a rough itinerary for my big day.

Shopping is Big Business in Las Vegas

People go to Vegas for a varity of reasons but dressing with purpose is ever present: mini dresses on bachlorette parties, suits and ties for the VIPs (or wannabee VIPs) and some of the most casual looks you will see in a city that boasts so much glitz. It is a fashion frenzy on display on the strip. Even the sweat pant contingent that woke up that day and said, “I’m in Vegas, let’s not only pack sweats, let’s wear them!”