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Do You Shiver or Sweat in Autumn? Answer: Both

As we say, “Goodbye September, hello October,” there is no more denying; summer is over. It’s fall. Another shoulder season, and not this shoulder season, is upon us. I tend to try and savour the last feelings of summer knowing that there are over six months of cold ahead of us. Ugh. I know I am fooling myself. It’s time to layer on those fall goodies that have been stowed away.

My Shoes Are Under Attack

While in transit is an opportunity to be stylish. Often, I express this through a high, stiletto-heeled shoe. I am happy to clippty-clap my way to and from work taking the city bus. I am pleased to throw on a pair of sky high heels and take in a sports game. Oh, those enthusiastic cheers and hoots aren’t for my shoes? They are for the game? Weird. Further, I like to shop stylishly and often wear the harmonizing shoes. However, I feel as though the varied ground walkable to Calgarians is a death trap for beautiful shoes.