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PARKSHOW SS16: The Argument For and Against Shopping Local

This past weekend I attended PARKSHOW at Chinook Mall. The event, while still young, is getting to be a Calgary fashion scene staple. Hundreds gather to see what local designers are producing and showing on the runway (or maybe we gather because it’s something to do.) It would be easy for me to put on my critical hat and share all my thoughts on the show. I will resist the urge for two reasons: I’ve already done that and there’s more to talk about.

2 Reviews in 1: PARKSHOW SS15 Calgary

I was excited to attend Calgary’s PARKSHOW SS15 as it’s an opportunity to get dressed up and go out. This is especially important to me as this city feels casual, too casual, and this event can help to change that. At the minimum I feel it’s a step in the direction of a better-dressed Calgary. After attending, I felt torn. That’s a lie.