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The Joy and Sorrow of Fashion

Nearly everyday when I’m doing my usual Internet fashion scans I see headlines along the lines of, “Ahhhhhhh, the fashion industry is changing!” A look at the overhaul of fashion weeks, leadership changes, and the speed of collections all point as supporting proof to this evolution. Some of it is well overdue and some feels too drastic. What’s what depends on who you are and what you believe.

Best and Worst of the MET Gala

Monday night was THE night in haute couture. For my fashion friends out there you know the importance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute’s Gala annual benefit event in New York City for the fashion world. This year’s theme - China: Through The Looking Glass - was on maximum display on those daunting, red-carpeted steps. 

Best and Worst of Golden Globes 2015

I look forward to the Golden Globes each year. They are the most party and fun of the Hollywood award shows. They celebrate the year’s best in television and films. More importantly, they are the best chance to see great fashion, and maybe even high style, from the Hollywood elite. With so many gut-wrenching atrocities splashed all over the news , I wanted to see which of the winners would incorporate a message of awareness over a particular issue. And to put a bit of a spin on things, I wanted to juxtapose that against their style.