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Celebrate #Canada150 By Buying Canadian

As we approach Canada’s 150th birthday this weekend I am full of mixed emotions. On the one hand I know how privileged I am to be born and live in this country. On the other I’m becoming more aware of its painful history. Specifically, I am mindful of the human cost that has got us to this point. All in all, I’m caught somewhere between pride, gratefulness, and guilt.

What to Wear For Canada Day

Canada Day is a sunny feeling day for me regardless of the weather. We are so lucky to have a day off that says, “Happy birthday to us, take the day.” Oh, Canada. With a country so prosperous and diverse as ours, I was curious to know how people celebrate. After a bit of thought, here’s what I have it boiled down to.

Diversity Analysis: Canadian Fashion Magazines VS. Canadian Population

As I swooshed through my hardcopies and online subscriptions, I started to notice something. An overwhelming majority of the subjects appeared to be non-visible minorities in the magazine. On the cover, in the contents, in the features and in the ads. This got me thinking, what is the distribution of visible minorities in certain Canadian fashion magazines? Further, how does that line up with the actual makeup of peoples of Canada? 

The Symbolism of a Poppy

We remember those who fought for the freedom of others and the freedom of this great country. Every Canadian has the exceptional privilege of living here. On this significant date, I am mindful of the young, yet robust history of our country – and just how awesome Canada is.