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I Wear Mens Clothes

Cargo shorts used to be a fashion joke to me. I understood the utility. Certainly, they had a lot of pockets to hold all sorts of the wearer’s trinkets and treasures. The washed out cotton looks better with every trip to the laundry and, with all that washing, they become more comfortable. But comfort and utility alone are not enough for me. I used to think they looked horribly lazy and that the wearer was either mountain bound with their dog or given up on life. Cruel, yes. But not unfounded, I would argue. Regardless, I’ve challenged my previous judgment. I want to find a way to make them work for me.

Shopping is Big Business in Las Vegas

People go to Vegas for a varity of reasons but dressing with purpose is ever present: mini dresses on bachlorette parties, suits and ties for the VIPs (or wannabee VIPs) and some of the most casual looks you will see in a city that boasts so much glitz. It is a fashion frenzy on display on the strip. Even the sweat pant contingent that woke up that day and said, “I’m in Vegas, let’s not only pack sweats, let’s wear them!”