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How a T Shirt Created All This Conversation

If you’re as devoted to the internet as I am, you’ve been hearing the conversations south of parallel 49 around becoming woke, black lives matter, and the absolute ridiculous racist threats from the Trump campaign. It’s easy for Canadians to laugh at the absurdity and failings of our divided neighbours. But I urge us Canucks to not be so quick to judge.

Do CFL and NFL Fans Have the Worst Style?

September brings many things. Fashion weeks, back to school shopping, and watching football are just some of the activities that come to mind. The CFL is well underway and NFL is now, too, in the groove. This past weekend I was at a Calgary Stampeders game. While enjoying popcorn - I mean the game - I took a hard look around. There are so many people wearing team gear my mind started churning.