Style Diet: Summer Outfits Dress Rehearsal in Las Vegas

Style Diet: Summer Outfits Dress Rehearsal in Las Vegas

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Flamingo Resort, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city of a million options: shopping, gambling, watching, hustling, eating, sport fanning, and sun tanning. Even though I’ve been a bunch of times, each time is something different. On my most recent trip I decided to try out some summer outfits. A sort of dress rehearsal for outfit combinations to come.

For clients that ask me to help them pack for a holiday - and they have very limited space - I recommend that they try and only pack very few, new, unworn before things. The logic being that I know when you’re in a new place, sometimes it’s best to stick with what you are already comfortable with and feel fabulous in. Plus, who wants to take up precious space packing something you won’t actually wear? Or regret packing it because you hadn’t tested it out yet. I’m looking at you, not yet broken in shoes.

Because I’m a style demon who loves a challenge, I don’t always listen to my own advice. I like to think that with every new experiment, I’ll learn something that I can share. Thus, in this edition of my stye diet, I went rogue and packed items I hadn’t yet worn in ways I planned to wear them. 

Slip dress

Wedding season is just around the corner. I’m putting looks together for clients and myself. One-and-done easy-peasie-looks-so-breezy look I want to test is the slip dress. I have a Goodwill sourced midnight blue silk one that I thought would work well but I wanted to see how I actually felt wearing it so I packed it along. Friday night I slipped it on and went on my way. It worked – and felt – super. Losing money at the blackjack table felt less super. This is definitely a look I’ll be wearing and recommending.

Trousers and lace trim camisole

Instead of packing too warm for Vegas jeans, this time I decided to step things up and pack trousers. I wanted the option of a dressier look at night that wasn’t a dress or skirt. Trousers fit the bill. I paired the wide leg green beauties with a black camisole and layered on necklaces and bangle bracelets. But I wore the pants more than once. This easy outfit wore well on the plane with a jacket, into the night as planned, and out for mimosas at brunch with a silk neck scarf the next day. Swapping in trousers instead of jeans made the looks feel more unique and polished while not compromising the comfort that pants provide.

Shirt dress

Using a style process I share with personal clients – Step 1: Review and edit your wardrobe; Step 2: Make a shopping list of the gaps; and Step 3: As you find things on your list for a price you like, buy ‘em – I was on the lookout for a sleeved shirt dress. Late last year I found just the ticket a local boutique for a steal of a deal (it was summer stock on sale to make room for the forthcoming winter woollies). Knowing I wouldn’t get to wear it until many seasons later – winter and spring had to come and go – I didn’t fret. Nope, I hanged it gently in my closet and knew it would see it’s day. It did. In Vegas, baby. Wearing it there gave me a trial run for wearing it here this summer. I now know how it feels on and while wearing it I thought of many other head-to-toe outfits I can put together with stuff I have at home.

Swim suit

I’m not sure the psychology behind why I don’t like paying full price for swimsuits but it’s a truth for me. Perhaps it’s the lack of substantial fabric. Pair that cost per square foot thinking with my less than curvaceous figure (that does not require complex support upstairs) and you have my current skeptical situation. All that to say I have a hard time paying big bucks. Thus, I watch for suits throughout the year and if I’m lady lucky, I buy when I think the price is right. I wore a brand new bathing suit, purchased last year, to the pool one day. After it’s afternoon in the sun I now know that it’s a lounging suit; not an activity suit. Perhaps that’s what you pay extra for?

Peep toe mules

Finally, I wanted to test out a pair of shoes I got at a consignment shop in February. They are two and a half inch mule peep toe sandals that fit me just so. Thinking ahead to the hot climate destination wedding I have this fall, I was curious to see how my feet would hold up in them. I am sure glad I hedged my bet, as my feet did swell up a bit – dang heat does that to me - and the shoes started to pinch. No real harm was caused as I’d rather that happen now (with other shoes in my bag) than on vacation when I have more days yet less space to pack. Sometimes a little practice goes a long way.

My couple day trip to Vegas turned out to be quite informative for my summer style future. It’s a bit like YOLO dressing at an all-inclusive but way shorter time frame.

Have you ever tried things out in advance of how you actually want to wear it? If yes, do tell.

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