What To Do With The Stuff You’re Not Into Anymore

What To Do With The Stuff You’re Not Into Anymore

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Be patient, fashion friends. Winter will leave eventually. In the meantime, take advantage of this gnarly, white weather frat-boy-like-snow-puke and use your time in your home wisely. Yup, it’s time to clean as if it were spring. Kanye knows what's up.

People, too? Thinking I'll leave that advice to psychology professionals.

Back to my wheelhouse: things. As you go through your stuffed-way-back-in-the-closet clothes with the tags still on them and shoes you can’t really walk in, don’t feel bad. Rather, embrace your inner Marie Kondo and thank that garment or piece for teaching you something before you say a sweet goodbye. That lesson could be that you’re not a fan of that cut or colour because it doesn’t flatter your fine self. Maybe your pinky toe can’t take another night of the pinch. Regardless of the reason why it needs to leave your life, let it leave with some dignity. Cue Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” and start putting stuff in the box to the left.

The gluttonous North American approach would be to throw that stuff in the trash. Say what? Hell no. I know that isn’t for you. Let's be a touch more mindful, yes? Yes.

Don’t fret because I have whipped together a few ideas on what to do with that item(s) that you are saying, “It’s not me, it’s you. Buh bye,” to.

Donate it and give someone another chance to love it

If you want to get rid of stuff and not worry about it anymore, I’d suggest donating it. Before you drop off your gently used goodies, be sure to research the organization. Some are more open-minded than others with their policies, non-profit or for profit status, and general practices. If that matters to you, do your research. My favourites include Goodwill for clothes and housewares as they provide employment for differently able persons (as well as a second life for your unwanted things). If you’d like to support a woman in the city, why not take you professional work wear to Dress for Success Calgary (happy to shout them out as I volunteer there) and your other items to Women In Need (WINS).

Shop where you drop with a consignment account

When I discovered this option nearly a decade ago I was totally blissed out. I had a moment where I couldn’t believe that I could get cash or in-store credit to shop from my unneeded stuff. It’s a great way to enjoy shopping knowing you’re saving the thing from the landfill and providing a second life. Plus you get to shop. Winnnnnnnning. If you want to sell trendy items I’d check out Trend or Expressions. Fellas, check out Man of Distinction for your fashion needs. Should you have some designer duds that you’d like to unload, Vespucci or The Upside may be worth a look.

Pour yourself some wine and sell it online

Be it Kijiji, Craigslist, those neighbourhood Facebook groups, or sliding into Instagram DM’s, it’s hella easier to sell your stuff. Pick you social media poison and get selling. But please use your head. Create a new, unidentifiable to you email accounts and always meet up – with a ride along buddy in tow – in public spaces to do the transaction. Promise me that you will not invite strangers into your home while you are alone, okay?

Host or join a garage sale

Call me nostalgic but there is something delightful about arranging items – maybe with friends and neighbours – on a lawn (ha, there’s still snow on mine) or in a garage that takes me back to simpler times. I used to love all the preparation and build up for the annual family sale and then again for the town’s various token fundraisers. You can’t make stories from growing up in Saskatchewan up. Here’s a quick tip to share: I’d suggest getting pre-fabricated colour-coded stickers from a stationary store where you can create a streamlined pricing. Red can mean $5, green could be $1, and blue could be free. You get the idea. There are apps and listings online that can help your promote and see what else is going on. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is what you will do with that new space. Ahhhhhhhh.

Take that cash or feel good vibes and spread some joy around. That joy may manifest itself by getting something new that you love or saving the cash for later. You may even want to pass that joy (or cash) on to another person. And if this is all too much for you, know that you can drop your unwanted things with me and I’ll find them a new, donated home that will be thrilled to have it.

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