F/W 2017: Fall Fashion Trend Report

F/W 2017: Fall Fashion Trend Report

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Hillhurst

Fuck trends. That’s my report. Okay, wait a minute. Taking a step back, no I’m not really telling you to stop enjoying looking what’s new out there. I’m not advocating that you stop shopping or caring about how you look. No, no, no. What I am advocating is getting off a crazy train that is fuelled solely by manic, toxic trend coal.

Often times when I meet someone new and explain what I do, in an effort to make conversation, they may ask me, “What’s the one thing I should wear/ buy/ sell my firstborn/ re-mortgage my home for this fall?” Though I know - I know - they mean well, it’s a bit like asking an electrician what single tool they should buy once they move into their new home. “Like what’s the one thing they need to be new home ready?” The electrician likely responds something like, “Ummmmm...”

I would suggest that a few questions or information sharing might precede that hum dinger. Things like, “I plan on doing these types of projects.” Or “I already have these tools in my toolkit and I’m looking to add.” Or even, “I have that tool and I don’t know how to use it.” Or maybe, for the real tool lovers out there, “I’ve always wanted that one. Can you show me how to use it in my home?”

Yes, I’m being overly - and likely crudely - simplistic but I feel it needs to be put plainly: you do not serve the trends in fashion; fashion trends should serve you. Trends should be at the mercy of your selection. What I mean by that is only participate in trends or looks that you actually like. It’s a buffet my fashion friends. If you don’t like green beans, why would you waste precious plate space? Move on. Rather, get what you like and leave the stuff you don’t.

Every trend is not for everyone. For example, the cutout shoulder on T shirts and sweaters was everywhere a few seasons ago. Though it was vastly popular and popped up in most stores, it was not my thing. I didn’t like how it looked. Was I “too cool” for it? No. Did I laugh when other people wore it? No. I simply choose not to spend my money on something I wasn’t into. It was like those greens beans: I’ll pass, thank you.

On the other hand, there are some fall trends that I would say are “in” for me no matter what the trend reports report on. For example, I love me a turtleneck. I have since I was a child. It’s cozy, it’s big and roomy, and it’s warm. Looks dope with skirts, slacks, jeans… you name it. I, too, run cold body temperature wise naturally so it is a near and dear layering friend of mine. As a recent “hot trend” I know it may cede away from the main fashion pages. When the masses deem them uncool, yet again, I’ll still wear mine proudly.

There, too, are some colours that will pop up most spring seasons and, alternatively, every fall. It should be no surprise that we take cues from the natural world around us. When it is sunny, warm, and full of lush flowers and plants, of course spring colours inspire us to get dressed. “Millennial pink” has had other names before.

No different than in the fall North American mass culture races to be as close to a pumpkin spice latte they can in both food and dress. I get it: the orange, yellow, and red of the fall leaves are beautiful. They really are. But whether the fashion gods call it burgundy, oxblood, wine, crimson, maroon, scarlet, or midnight cherise it will still just be a close version of a deep, saturated red. Like Shakespeare said it, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Please don’t misconstrue my bluntness for disdain. I love fashion. I do. I know and respect that small details can make all the difference. But I’m not blind to it. There are things in the fashion world that make my head spin or my stomachache. No different than being a sports fan. Being a fan should not make you blind to all the negative aspects in the sports world. We are – and should be – humans first. We can be conflicted, complicated, and kind all at the same time.

This fall, I say fuck the trends. I encourage you first to go into your closets, drawers, or storage, and pull out the warmer garments that you already love. Then, and only then, if you’d like to add to those garments to create a new style take on an older, beloved thing, do it. Yes, please do it.

If you want to add new boots to a pants and sweater combo you already own, do you. You can likely wear those boots with tonnes of other things already in your closet. Bonus! 

If you’d like to get new mitts and toque to wear every freaking sub zero day this winter, go for it.

If you're into a dress that you can't wait to pair with a hand-me-down purse from your Grandma you have at home, slay Bae.

Please add anything that you love to your already loved fashion pieces (Granted they fit, flatter, and have not been eaten by the mysterious moth balls everyone talks so much about). It’s a bit like attending a wedding you actually want to go to. Everyone you love is going to be there and I hear your best friend Kate, who has been oversees for years, is bringing her partner you’ve yet to meet. Yay!

Can you promise me, though, that instead of caving in to the retail advertisements that blast your inbox insisting that what you already have – and love - are all wrong you reply, no thanks? Please resist when brands or social media friends try and tell that you need to scrap everything and buy all new. Rather simply say, “I love this piece. It’s one of my things. I'm keeping it and will add to it.”

In case of an emergency if fall trend demons start to creep in or cloud your vision, may I suggest you roll up the neck of the turtleneck to block out the bullshit?

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