What Are The Wedding Guest Fashion Faux Pas?

What Are The Wedding Guest Fashion Faux Pas?

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For as many weddings as people seem to go to, I still get asked over and over what to wear where. It seems to be a mystifying and terrifying situation for many guests. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter what wedding I go to, be it a beach, backyard, or swanky art gallery, some people are totally lost.

Think you’ve made a wedding guest fashion faux pas or two? It happens. My dear friend and I chatted about all the ways we've heard and seen. Check out the below if you’d prefer to not let it happen again.

Fashion Faux Pas One: Missing the Dress Code

Have you ever been the only fella not wearing a jacket or full length gown to a ritzy wedding? Did the invite say black or white tie? Then that’s on you. Different venues, couples, and times of day call for different attire. Why didn’t you Google it, silly goose? What’s done is done. But next time check out this, this, or this guide for the skinny on the different dress codes.

Exception: If the invite or website does not specify dress code, ask the people getting married.

Fashion Faux Pas Two: Matching the Wedding Party Colours

I’ll admit this happened to me a few years back. I didn’t ask was the accent colour was and I wore it by mistake. I felt like a total dunce for not asking such a simple question in advance. Spare yourself the embarrassment that I had. A guest’s look should compliment – not copycat – the wedding party colours. Why didn’t I pack another look? I did, but it was white. See below.

Exception: Should the wedding party note a colour, Solange styles, wear that specified colour. It’s requested so do it.

Fashion Faux Pas Three: Wearing White

Unless stated, it is an absolute no-no to wear white to someone’s wedding. You’re not the one getting married. This is an unofficial rule but it should be well known. If you didn’t know that, now you do. But what if you’re the Mother and want to match? Tough nugget. What happens if it’s technically crème? Just don’t. Pick literally anything else.

Exception: As mentioned, this is only okay if all guests are asked to wear white. Let’s be honest though, you’re people are likely not as stylish as Solange.

Fashion Faux Pas Four: Upstaging the Couple

Of course you can have fun with your wedding look, but keep it on theme. No one wants to see a ball gown on a guest at a beach wedding. Silly right? It’s too much. Nor do we want to see a tonne of skin if the dress code asks for conservative black tie. Repeat after me: not my wedding, not my dress code. I will obey.

Exception: I can’t think of one, unless it’s a nudist wedding?

Fashion Faux Pas Five: Wearing Your Favourite Sports Team

This is for my family and friends back in Saskatchewan. I know you love your team – really I do - but Roughrider gear is not a substitute for formal wear. I can’t count how many times I’ve see a jersey at a wedding (and some funerals). Follow the dress code. Which means… ugh…

Exception: Okay, there are some times that the couple says it’s encouraged to wear your team gear. I guess Faux Pas One takes precedent.

Are you still unsure? Go to your favourite store and ask a sales person. Or call me.

What’s always appropriate is showing up with a gift, a smile, and be a gracious on-theme guest.


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