Beating the Winter Blues With Your Wardrobe

Beating the Winter Blues With Your Wardrobe

Credits: Photo - Anonymous, Styling - Sarah G. Schmidt, Location - Rosedale

If your idea of fun includes wearing a full snowsuit over your clothes and having to layer in double digit items, this weather is for you. If not, well, buckle in until the next chinook arrives. On the one hand I do love the winter snow. It makes our city quite picturesque. On the other hand it’s a pain to get around in.

That saying, “It’s not the destination that’s important, it’s the journey” comes to mind. As in, “You’re likely not getting to your destination on time, so have a blast in bumper to bumper traffic instead.” Oh developed world problems. The good news is that with all that time stuck getting to where you are going can give you time to think.

I spend a lot of time day dreaming about outfits for my clients, loved ones, and me. I've come up with some ideas that may make you giggle or snort your way through this cold snap. Try wearing:

Socks and Sandals

Once you’re safely indoors, why not change into delightful strappy heeled sandals typically appropriate for warm, dry weather. Pair your favourite with contrasting socks and your feet will both stay cozy and give out party vibes all day long.

Ten+ items at once.

You may laugh but actually count out the layers you need when it’s chilly like this. Start with undies (1-2), tights or long johns (3), socks (4), pants or skirt (4), undershirt or camisole (5), shirt or blouse (6), sweater over that (7), maybe a blazer or sports coat over all of that (8), scarf (9), and all your accessories, jewelry, and outdoor gear (10-1,000). Counting is fun, right?

A dress over pants

You’re not likely to wear that summer dress by itself just yet. It’s likely tucked way at the back of your closet never to see the light of day this winter. But why should it have to wait a few months before you take her out? What did she do wrong? Nothing, of course. I say layer your favourite over slim jeans and a long sleeve shirt and give her the day out she deserves.

Two+ coats

Sometimes one is not enough. The bulk of the world population of coat wearers are not subjected to our way below zero temperatures like us prairie folk are. Fret not my fashion friends; we have an opportunity that the bulk of the world don’t. We can layer more! Grab your go-to denim jacket or bomber and make a sandwich. Think of the extra jacket as the filling (wear over your clothes but under your wool topper).

A tropical print

If you really want to flip the bird to winter, why not mock it? Pull out that tropical print dress, silk scarf, shirt, socks, sunglasses, whatever and wear it now. Layer as you would any other piece and watch your onlooker’s grins appear. You’ll be bopping to Katrina and Waves “Walking on Sunshine” in no time.

Your sunglasses inside

The sun reflecting off of the snow can be majestic, yes, but also glaringly bright. For those lucky enough with window workspaces, throw on your favourite shades and soak it in. Why not wardrobe YOLO even if it’s just over your lunch break.

No matter your specific style, one thing is for sure: winter is still here. Distracting yourself with silly sartorial whims can help bring back the some of the fun you may have lost during the winter blues.

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