Open Letter: Why Are the Retail Stores Pushing Spring on Shoppers in January?

Open Letter: Why Are the Retail Stores Pushing Spring on Shoppers in January?

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Dear Winter Stock,

I double-checked my calendar and we officially started December 21. For the past few weeks all your buddies have been telling me – pleading really – to see that it’s almost over. They are saying that we are nearly done. Remember when I told you that I’d be honest with you? You do? Okay then. I’m so confused.

Hear me out. Spring doesn’t officially start until mid March. You and I really just started to find our groove. I thought we had something special.

Let’s be honest, in Calgary, we’re not really in the clear temperature-wise until post May Long. Simply put, aside from the occasional chinook, there’s a lot of winter ahead of us before we see the blossoms and rain showers of blissful spring.

What gives? Are you trying to rush me into this? Are you forgetting what you said to me last month? You said you wanted my comfort and warmth. That protecting me from the harsh world was important to you. You said you were going to get me through this tough time. Now you’re up and leaving me for a new season? Come on!

You know, I’m not blind. I get that the new season is lighter than me. But I told you not to get involved with me if you couldn’t handle it. There are easier places to live than with me in Calgary. But you said you wanted to be here, with me.

That must mean you’ve changed. You’re the one who can’t handle what’s going on here. I run circles in my mind fixating on things like, “Are my needs too thick and heavy for you?” “Are you saying you can’t handle me?” “That you can’t – or don’t want to - give me what I need?”

Go ahead. Throw it all away for floral and chiffon. But don’t come running back to me when the lightweight linens aren’t cutting it. They may be cool for a little while, sure. I bet on one of my mother’s cat’s nine lives that you’ll be crawling back to me when the fun runs out and the shivers set in.

Don’t cry. Oh, I’ve said too much. Please don't cry. I don’t want to push you away, I don’t, but I can’t go on like this. It hurts too much. One part of me says to hold on. That we haven’t given this enough time to see how we can truly fit together. We just started! Who’s even heard of a fast winter fling, anyway? Not me. No, that’s reserved for the whimsy of summer. That’s so far away. We’ve got time right now.

I know, too, that you are under a lot of pressure at work. The big wigs are expecting you to stay fresh and focused on the future. Churn out new, new, new. That must be tough. How can you ever really win when you’re thinking about the next steps instead of living in the now?

I say we leave all this behind and run away together. Let’s reject the system and do what we want, what we need.

Are you with me?

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