13 Alternative Halloween Costumes Ideas

13 Alternative Halloween Costumes Ideas

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Halloween is a fantastic time of year. You get to dress up and pretend you’re someone else for a night all the while stuffing your face with garbage treats and sweets. Sounds great. But what shall you wear?

If you’re like me and dressing as a sexy kitten/mouse/first responder/superhero won’t do here’s a few ideas that you should be able to round up at a relatively low cost.

A Celebrity Post-Workout

You’ll need tight work out pants, work out top, fitted zip up jacket or oversize knit sweater, sneakers, ball cap, sunglasses, handbag and - this is the important accessory - an empty Starbucks cup. Need a reference? Check out this.

A Feminist

Regardless of your gender just show up in whatever you are wearing because you already are! Yay. Do you need to remind yourself what the true definition of feminist is? Click here.

A Flasher

You’ll need a trench coat. 

A Spy

Take that same trench coat you considered for the above Flasher costume and put on some fancy black shoes, a silk scarf and tote a toy pistol or water gun and you’re set. A wide brimmed hat is optional but encouraged. Looking for inspiration? Click here or here.

An Athlete

Pull out a favourite jersey, black pants tucked into white socks and hat and you’re there. Please know there are teams and players that should be avoided.

And if nothing is tickling your fancy above, try any one of these hella-easy pop culture knockoffs:

  • Brown or Orange Scrubs – Orange is the New Black
  • White Painters Jumpsuit – Breaking Bad
  • Ragged, Dirty Casual Clothing (fake blood option) – The Walking Dead
  • Three Piece Pant Suit – Newsroom, Suits, Scandal, Late Night Host, Justine Trudeau or the any of the actual USA Presidential Campaign candidates (wigs and masks are optional)
  • Beige head to toe – Kayne and Kim
  • Shift dress, bob wig and black sunglasses – Anna Wintour
  • House Coat – The Dude or Hugh Hefner
  • Oversize wool coat, sweater, scarf, sunglasses with socks and flat sandals x 2 - The Olsen Twins
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