Commercial Styling + Costuming

Union (IATSE 212) Full Day Rates. Non-Union Half Day + Full Day Rates.

As a buyer she knows her stuff! Sometimes it’s scary that she knows the exact shelf (3rd one up, 2nd shoe on the left) type of thing. She also knows her styling. If you don’t know the exact piece you want you can ask for something similar and she is on point with her choices. As a set costumer she is very attentive and pays close attention to details. I have even thrown her in to cover a set supervisor position, on smaller productions, and she has performed beautifully. So well that one of the Director/Producer specifically asked for her to come back. That, I think, is high praise!
— -Lianne, Costumer Designer, Calgary , AB

Film + Television


Film: El Chicano

Part of the Costume Department Team as a Daily Buyer, Background Costumer, Stunt Costumer, and Truck - IATSE 212. Team / Costume Designer - Jayna Mansbridge


Series: Damnation

Part of the Costume Department Team as a Daily Set Key Costumer (Episodes 108, 109, 110) - IATSE 212. Team / Costume Designer - Jeriana San Juan.




Event Promotion: Lit Gala

Developing, costuming, and styling compelling storybook classic looks as part of a team for a Fundraising Gala supporting the Calgary Library Foundation. Team / Agency: Anstice Communications | Client: Calgary Library Foundation | Costume Team: Crystal McKenzie, Kerri LeLonde + It By Sarah G. Schmidt | Hair and Makeup: Libertee | Models: Mode Models | Production: Meta Productions


Public Service Announcement : Cancer Awareness

A PSA urging all women in all walks of life to get checked for the Breast Cancer gene. Team / Client: Veritas Genetics| Creative Director: Josh Caplan  | Director: Wayne Craig | Production: Joe Media Group | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt


Short Film Advertisement: The Scout

Providing the look of a baseball scout and proud coach finding new talent in new places. Team / Client: Leather Head | Creative Director, Writer: Josh Caplan  | Director: Wayne Craig | Production: Joe Media Group | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt



Photo Series: Boys Do Cry

A photo series showcasing modern ideas of what masculinity can look like. Team / Photographer: George Dimitrov Photography | Models: DJ, Chris, Conner | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt


Photo: Teen Editorial

Using select pops of colour in stacks and stacks in near excess creates size and impact. Team / Hair and Makeup: Emilia Art Makeup | Jewellery: Kremze |Model: Jessica-Bernadette Churchill with Patti Falconer | Photographer: George Dimitrov Photography | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt



PHOTO: Suits

The classic suit can take you from boardroom to street to a night on the town with just a few styling twists. Team / Photographer: George Dimitrov Photography | Makeup Artist: JA*DE | Model: Christiaan (I Model Management; IM2)| Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt (Suiting: espy experience; Lifestyle: Radius Clothing)


Photo: Album Promotion

Creating a sizzling look for Flamenco Guitarist Holly Blazina's latest release and promotions. Team / Hair and Makeup: Emilia Art Makeup| Photographer: George Dimitrov Photography | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt.


Photo: Styling Tutorial

This simple piece is anything but basic. A few rolls here and a tie there add a personal touch to a crisp, white button down. Team / Photographer: George Dimitrov Photography | Model: Funke (I Model Management; IM2) | Stylist: It By Sarah G. Schmidt


Photo: Industry Training

Providing fresh looks for internal education session lead by Justin, Kate, and Sofia where the rest of the Mane House of Hair team learnt the latest trends, techniques, and how to build a hot look. Team / Hair and Makeup: Mane Hair | Models: Alice, CortniJessica,  Sarah, Sierra, and Toni | Photography and Videography: Hot Neon | Stylist: Sarah G. Schmidt