Best and Worst of Golden Globes 2015

Best and Worst of Golden Globes 2015

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I look forward to the Golden Globes each year. They bring the most relaxed, party atmosphere of all of the Hollywood award shows while still being relevant. They celebrate the year’s best in television and films. More importantly, they are the best chance to see great fashion, and maybe even high style, from the Hollywood elite. 

With so many gut-wrenching atrocities splashed over the news, I wanted to see which of the winners would incorporate a message of awareness over a particular issue. And to put a bit of a spin on things, I wanted to juxtapose that against their style.

For me it’s not enough to show up in a suit or gown. I expect to be dazzled over a celebrity’s outfit choice. Keep in mind, these celebrities has access to the top fashion houses and stylist teams. Not only do they have the most access they, too, have the means to fund it. Thus, fair game to judge more fiercely.

While the awards show was certainly Golden (could that be from the over use of tanner?), but not just any Globes (I’m talking to you JLo and Kate Hudson) will do it for me. Nor will silver/ champagne/ white or the way over-done red dresses more suitable for weddings showcased this past Sunday. Blah. Pick new colours, ladies.

Winners, wear and say something interesting. It would be super if it made some impact, too. 

I present to you my findings. Please see Exhibit A:

  • The horizontal axis denotes style from “You're so boring” to “Now that’s style”
  • The vertical axis denotes the takeaway from the acceptance speech. Varying from “Incorporating a message drawing attention to a world issue” to “I am the world” aka: talking about oneself.


Exhibit A: I take full responsibility (and delight) for the creation and posting of this chart. Come at me...

Starting with the Stylish that tend to be Selfish quadrant…

Julianne Moore – While her sequin and feather gown was exquisite and festive on her, the message of love for your work and home while true, is not particularly noteworthy.

Michael Keaton – His personal redemption rags to riches story is nice, so to was his love for his son, but not new. His suit, however, was tailored just so proving age nor height matters as much as fit and fabric on the man wearing it.

Ruth Wilson – That green dress was, perhaps, my favourite of the night. Her speech that drudged up her former loss during the writer's strike sounded more bitter than anything. But that dress! The high collar, the black and turquoise piping, and the fact I don’t know her breasts in vivid detail excites me.

Kevin Spacey – Spacey, a personal delight to me, was thoughtful and humble but not especially remarkable. But I do enjoy his subtle style (and those black suede shoes).

Eddie Redmayne – I can try to sympathize of the joy of the honeymoon stage in one’s life. But so what? As you can tell, I don’t actually care. That velvet jacket and slim slacks, however, I totally care about. Good for you.

Next let’s chat about the winners who care for something more than themselves but their style is a tad boring.

Jeffrey Tambor – I am a long time fan of his career. I care deeply about his latest work and commend his for the awareness and human voice his is bringing to the Trans community through his rounded, whole person role on Transparency. Thank you. His suit was too sloppy for my taste, especially the loose tie, but not everyone is in it for the style game.

Gina Rodriguez – How fantastic is it that we have another role model, or “hero,” as she stated for the Hispanic community? Yay for diversity! She was gracious, emotional and genuine. The dress was fine, but too safe for my taste. Perhaps she’ll surprise us the next time.

Johanna Froggatt – She used her time not only to thank her supporters and contributors, she shared with the audience of particular woman who was victim to rape that she, “heard her.” She hoped that the world would hear her too and that them she and other victims have the right to be heard. She wore her hair in a fantastic braid but the strapless dress was just okay. Next!

J.K. Simmons – He spoke very fondly of the team supporting his latest role and the man who inspired it so he gets partial points in my books for not making it all about him. His style, while nothing was wrong with it per say, it was too common.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – She usually presents us with a fantastic look but this year was underwhelming. Peach satin isn’t going to get you on my best-dressed list. She can, and has, done better. That said, acknowledging the variety of women experiences that are finally being heard on TV and film will get you on my best person list. A split decision here, fashion friends.

Now it’s time for my worst quadrant. The corner that says, “Not only am I lacking in the style department, I have no idea what’s really going on because I am too busy thinking about myself. Adore me!”

Patricia Arquette – Though she is barely in this category, I had to put her here. She spoke about the hardships of being a single mom but it was all about her. As for style, that all too common dress, unfortunately, did nothing for her. Moreover, it did not fit her properly. That was too bad.

Amy Adams – What was that? I will first state that I am supportive of her work. She is talented actress and deserving of the award. Now that is out of the way, I have to say that dress was horrible. It is not the prom. That colour is not her colour (or anyone’s). That fabric should be banned. This lack of style alone would not put me off, but her speech did it in for her. How can a repeatedly celebrated and rewarded actor come on stage as a nominee and tell us that she is not prepared? How insulting. As she repeatedly told the millions of viewers how unprepared she was she then had the audacity to babble on about her young daughter’s female role models without saying anything concrete. She spent a lot of time doing nothing. I’d challenge her to explain how she managed to prepare her outfit, makeup, and hair, got to the show venue, found her prime real estate seat up front but didn’t prepare for the possibility that she may win the category she was nominated for. This is not acceptable behaviour.

Although it may not come across, I am an optimist at heart. I am hard on people because I expect great people to lead great lives. Further, if you are a celebrity at an award show, look good doing it. This is true unless you are Billy Bob Thornton and choose to say nothing.

I will leave my Golden Globe 2015 recap on a positive note. 

I salute the select few who brought spotlight to a worthy cause and looked fantastic while doing so.

Matt Bomer – What a beautiful person. What a beautiful speech. What beautiful life as a gay rights activist and accomplished actor he has led. And what a beautiful midnight blue and black suit. Yes he did.

George Clooney – Always the gentleman, Clooney’s suit was impeccable. His “Je suis Charlie” lapel button was classy and relevant. So too was his speech about his contemporaries, his partner and the necessity to give back and give voice to world issues. What a stud.

Finally, my best dressed winner and best acceptance speech goes to… Common – Racial tension continues to be a huge issue for the world. No more can we trivialize this. As he referenced it is true in the United States (and here at home). There is much progress to be made and a reminder of this work yet to do is necessary. Switching to his garb, that dark suit, tie and shirt was slick. I do like it when a fellow can pull off a bow tie with so much confidence. Well done, sir.

Who were your standouts? 

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